Osaka is a modern commercial city full of restaurants and shops. It has a large port and canal waterways. Head to the main social scene at Dotonbori where the vibe is intense, fun and loud. The neon lit hoardings reflect beautifully in the waters of the Dotonborigawa Canal. Don’t miss Namba Walk, a vast underground mall.

Getting There

Himeji–Shin-Osaka Shinkansen train, 30 min.
Kyoto–Shin-Osaka Shinkansen train, 15 min.
Kyoto–Osaka JR Special Rapid Service train, 30 min.
Tokyo–Shin-Osaka Shinkansen train, 3 hr.

Getting Around

Subway Metro Vast network of trains.
Shin-Osaka–Namba (for Dotonbori) Osaka City Subway train on Midosuji Line, 15 min.
Shin-Osaka–Osaka–Imamiya–JR Namba (for Dotonbori) JR Rapid Service train–JR Osaka Loop Line train–JR local train, 35 min.
JR route free with JR Pass.

Namba Walk and Dotonbori

Namba Walk and Dotonbori

Namba station.

Namba station leads straight to Namba Walk, a vast underground shopping district. Brightly lit, cool and wide walkways pave their way through an eclectic collection of shops, cafes, markets and restaurants. Namba Walk has several exits so take exit 14 for Dotonbori. Huge crowds gather near the iconic image for Osaka, the Glico runner sign poster at Dotonborigawa Canal. Dotonbori buzzes with such intensity. Great to just stop on the canal bridge and observe the crowds intermingle. Shopping arcades, restaurants, loud music and dazzling lights add to the high energy of Dotonbori.